Farrah O. Glenolden, PA

"Well let me get right to the point. John Lacoboulos is the best Physical Therapist I've ever had.  John and his staff are very attentive, caring and welcoming.  They are great with making appointments to work with your schedule and they will always put your care first.  If you want the best care and share a laugh or two, Synergy Physical Therapy is definitely the place for you. "  They are the best!

Emma B. Morton, PA

"When I chose Synergy, I was trying to get away from big business machines. More on hand recovery.  

This is exactly what I found and received. Not only that, I found and received a family friendly atmosphere. 

Other underlying problems I had, were suggested how to help solve them.  I will tell anyone needing therapy to try  SYNERGY."

Bob C. Lester, PA


"When I started at Synergy Physical Therapy, I had very little mobility in my left shoulder. Because of John and his dedicated staff, I now have very good range of motion which has improved the quality of my life. I highly recommend this facility for all of your rehabilitation needs."

George F. Eddystone, PA

"Synergy Physical Therapy is the best. I feel great after my treatment there.  Great people, great facility."

Diane G. Eddystone, PA

My experience with the Synergy group is they are five star.  They are very kind and knowledgeable. Anyone would feel safe in their hands.  If compared to other PT's in the past, I will always stay with Synergy.   

Doug G. Swarthmore, PA

Synergy Physical Therapy offers an individualized treatment approach that is delivered consistently across all staff interacting with me.  They truly work together as a team creating a friendly environment.  I have had excellent results over the years addressing a variety of issues.  I highly recommend them!  

Eileen G, Eddystone, PA

After I was in my car accident, I did not think that I would ever get better, but because of John Lacoboulos and Kevlin Kauffman I have reached a point in my life where I am feeling pretty good.

I have all the confidence in the world for John.  Kevlin and the whole team they have at Synergy Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation.  I am forever grateful to the whole team for letting me get my life back.

I would recommend everyone to come see John and Kevlin at Synergy Physical Therapy.  They are all awesome.